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Welcome to my Artist's Attic website. I am very interested in the many aspects of "design". All of the arts, whether painting, sculpture, garden design, web design, jewelry design, photography, among many others, are all based on the same design principles and I seem to be drawn to the ways these principles are interpreted by the various art disciplines.

This website includes or links to many of my "design" interests:

  • Gardenesque Landscape Design Images include digital renderings of clients' properties showing my design changes. They may be of interest to you and give you some design ideas.

  • CEN Studios is my website for:
    • Fine art including pastels, oils, and watercolor.
    • Handcrafted gemstone, crystal, pearl, and sterling silver jewelry. I will also do custom orders.
    • Website design information.

  • Ted's Favorite Photos includes photos Ted has taken over a period of more than 35 years. There are also some antique photos of his parents' families.

  • Garden Pastels - digital pictures of garden objects. We used various digital programs to obtain the effects shown.

  • Jacques Pierre - A Loving Dog - some old but cute pictures of a camera-friendly dog. It runs as a slide show once you click on the slide show button at the bottom of the first page.

  • Gardenesque is my website for landscape design and garden information.

  • Germaine Paintings

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