Jacques Pierre Mon Ami,

A Loving Poodle

All the dogs we ever had were special in some way or other and this was especially so with Jacques Pierre Mon Ami. He came to live with us in the late fall of 1966. Incidentally, we named him Jacques Pierre Mon Ami, meaning Jacques Pierre, My Friend. He was the runt of the litter, tiny and prone to sickness. I remember he howled all the way home; he must have been missing his brothers and sisters. It didn't take him long to find out that our home was a special place to live, full of love and kindness. Mom had a basket for him next to her bed but it didn't take him long to learn that his new mommy would never make him leave her bed. He learned quickly to let us know when he had to go outside. We had a nice fenced-in yard for him to explore and I always took him for a walk at least once a week.

Jacques was a silver-haired poodle but was very black when he was a baby with just a little bit of silver hair showing on his face. He was a beautiful poodle with almond-shaped eyes and lovely silver hair.

Even though he was sick quite often, he was a happy dog, always willing to play with you. When visitors came, as soon as they sat down Jacques would hand them a toy to play with him. I remember he was a strong dog and liked to be lifted up while he held on to his toy with his teeth. He was quite a he-man dog!

When his mommy visited with her children, Jacques would go along too. He had his own suitcase for his toys as well as his medications. Jacques was well behaved no matter where he went. It was always a pleasure to take him with us.

The very special thing about Jacques Pierre was his willingness to pose for pictures. His mommy taught him early on to look at the camera when we were taking pictures. Whenever the family was at the house for Christmas or other holidays and pictures were being taken, Jacques Pierre was always there posing for the camera too. So, over the years, we took a lot of pictures of Jacques.

In the following slide show, we'll show you a few of these pictures of this sweet, little dog. We hope you enjoy them. We certainly enjoyed putting together this slide show for you.

Ted and Carole

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